Vertical Jump Training Program – How to Double Your Vertical Jump

One of the most popular and favorite sports of a lot of people is basketball. If you want to become one, you need to understand the value of having a strong Vertical Jump Training. This is not just mainly about dunking the ball but also more on gaining exceptional vertical ability. This makes a player more flexible and more capable in every facet of the play.

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adam-folkerIn view of this, having the most reliable and most effective jump training program which focuses on increasing the vertical leaping skills of the player is quite in demand. As of now, the well known name in the field is –Dunk Training Program.
This is a three part program which is designed to help people improve their vertical jump. If you’ll compare this to other vertical jump programs in the market, This Dunk Training does not mainly focus on strength training. This also uses the best methods that shock your muscle system. These methods allow you to jump a lot higher than what you have thought is possible.



The VertShock Training lasts for 8 weeks as you finish the initial week. You can already jump 3 to 5 inches higher. As the second phase is completed, your achievement will increase up to 9 to 15 inches depending on your primary abilities. When it comes to the final phase, this is more on solidifying the results for you to jump high wherever and whenever you want.


Vert Shock Review

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Anyone has the ability to film instructional videos and compile it together as an exercise guide. With Adam Folker, things are quite different. This Jump Training program is written by him that is based on his personal experience which started when he was in high school.
Adam is very dedicated in studying the most efficient and most effective training tactics. In fact, this creates a great way for his career to boom. This journey took him to NCAA scholarship UC Irvine. And, this eventually leads to his professional career in the international basketball. Adam never hesitated to share his effort. He is generous enough to create this “VertShock Training Program” that provides the best information regarding his proprietary system.


what you getThe Vertshock Overall Schedule
If you’re wondering if where the term “shock” came from, this is actually derived from the concentration of this Program in improving the body’s neurological system and reaction times. You have to understand that vertical performance is not just about strengthening muscle but deploying muscle energy at the best possible time. This is the main reason why VertShock Vertical Jump Training is very effective. This focuses on the triggers that make great jump than the tools that yield optimum improvement for everyone.

Program Phases Breakdown

Success Stories of VershockShock Phase is the core of this Vertical Jump Training program, a 6 week concentrated exercise routine that makes dramatic development in your abilities. This has its function of minimizing the reaction times and training you to leap higher and respond faster. Both post and pres shock phases included in this course, where each can last for a week.

The Pre-Shock presents the necessary groundwork for bigger gains to come. However, this is effective at its right. Numerous reports state that a definite improvement during the initial week is observed. With regard to post shock phase, this is very essential since this help you in conditioning your body and accepting new developed capabilities. This also helps you lock in your new found jumping abilities without any hassle.

VertShock is not just for Dunking

If you think that dunking is the main skill which can be enhanced by this, you’re mistaken since this results to “faster respond” all around. This has its big boost in terms of agility. Regardless if you’re not a track and field jumper or a basketball player, you can derive huge benefits out of Program – VertShock. Just by mainly teaching your entire body the proper way to respond at a maximum level, you can already enjoy real “competitive edge” that results to significant improvements in all types of athletic performances.

What VertShock Package Offer?

At the moment, this Training Program is offered in an all electronic-format. You will have instant access to entire educational material once you purchase the program. This includes the most comprehensive guides which explain the entire detail of the program and answer all conceivable questions.
Furthermore, this includes 35 high-definition videos that provide you with a step by step process on how to properly perform all necessary workouts. You can also access their bonus content such as quick and dirty high jump guide, nutritional guide and an email check in system.

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Just Read on the reviews below to find out how effective this Program.

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Understanding the Science behind VertShock

Fast twitch and slow twitch is the science behind VertShock Vertical Jump Training program. Once people focus more on their athletic performance, they typically discuss muscles in general. This is becuase these are made-up of bundles of “individual fibers”. Human body creates movements once the said bundles contract. There are actually 2 main types of fibers that make-up muscles; each controls movement in their unique way:
1. The Slow Twitch –These “smaller fibers” designed for endurance based movements like running. These are very competent since they don’t require much fuel when producing movement. Thus, these allow you to keep on going for a long span of time without feeling fatigued and agitated. Long distance runner athletes primarily use slow twitch.
2. The Fast Twitch –As compared to the slow twitch these are even larger. These muscle fibers designed for “movements” wherein power and strength are needed. The fast twitch muscle fiber produces similar sum of force like slow twitch fibers.


But, since these are fired more rapidly, they can produce the most explosive results. They can be allowed to jump over 40 inches vertically in the air. These fast twitch muscles fibers were not efficient. They do not require much energy and they make you feel easily fatigued. As the body moves, it determines the type of muscle fiber you can use. This based on the type of force you use upon them. Once movement requires force, this allows you to make use of a great number of fast twitch.


From the blog author,

I really hope my review and details product description would help you to get an insight about this training program on “how to jump higher”. The program targets the basketball training, volleyball as his audience and having positive results with the methods he added on his vertical jump manuals. This will teach you how to dunk higher and how to increase your vertical jump with vertical jump workouts, exercises to jump higher. Follow the instruction given vertical jump exercises and workouts to jump higher. If you follow this correctly, you won’t need a jump trainer ever!
I wish you all the best and success on improving your skills of dunking…

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